Mainnet Contracts
Contract addresses and IDs of the Algofi protocol.

Lending Protocol

Creator Account
Manager Contract
App ID:465818260
ALGO Market Contract
Market App ID:465814065
Bank Asset ID:465818547
USDC Market Contract
Market App ID:465814103
Bank Asset ID:465818553
Underlying Asset ID:31566704
goBTC Market Contract
Market App ID:465814149
Bank Asset ID:465818554
Underlying Asset ID:386192725
goETH Market Contract
Market App ID:465814222
Bank Asset ID:465818555
Underlying Asset ID:386195940
STBL Market Contract
Market App ID:465814278
Bank Asset ID:465818563
Underlying Asset ID:465865291


STBL Staking Contract
Manager App ID:482625868
Market App ID:482608867
Bank Asset ID:482653551
Underlying Asset ID:465865291
Tinyman STBL-USDC Staking Contract
Manager App ID:553869413
Market App ID:553866305
Bank Asset ID:553898734
Underlying Asset ID:552737686
Algofi STBL-ALGO Staking Contract
Manager App ID:611804624
Market App ID:611801333
Bank Asset ID:611811838
Underlying Asset ID:607645566
Algofi STBL-USDC Staking Contract
Manager App ID:611869320
Market App ID:611867642
Bank Asset ID:611871906
Underlying Asset ID:609172718
Algofi STBL-XET Staking Contract
Manager App ID:635813909
Market App ID:635812850
Bank Asset ID:635830471
Underlying Asset ID:635256863
Algofi STBL-GOBTC Staking Contract
Manager App ID:635863793
Market App ID:635860537
Bank Asset ID:635866896
Underlying Asset ID:635846733
Algofi STBL-GOETH Staking Contract
Manager App ID:635866213
Market App ID:635864509
Bank Asset ID:635877693
Underlying Asset ID:635854339
Algofi STBL-OPUL Staking Contract
Manager App ID:637795072
Market App ID:637793356
Bank Asset ID:637808564
Underlying Asset ID:637802380
Algofi STBL-DEFLY Staking Contract
Manager App ID:639747739
Market App ID:639747119
Bank Asset ID:639748671
Underlying Asset ID:624956449
Algofi STBL-ZONE Staking Contract
Manager App ID:647785804
Market App ID:647785158
Bank Asset ID:647786241
Underlying Asset ID:647801343
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