Governance Forum

The Algofi Governance Forum.
The Algofi Governance forum is hosted at
The Algofi Governance forum exists to enable users to seamlessly post proposals for improving the Algofi Protocol. Users are encourage to post proposals, debate their merits and refine them into finished products to be launched on the Algorand-based Algofi Governance Portal.
The forum is hosted on Discourse and represents the primary, but not sole, portal for users to discuss proposals. Community members are free to launch their own forum clients to initiate and discuss proposals off chain.
Check out the Governance Proposal Process and Types of Proposals for proposal guidelines. Also refer to Governance Forum Rules for general forum decorum.
The Temperature Check section of the forum is meant for users to discuss possible proposals and ideas at a higher level. Here, users can get a sense of the community's level of interest in a particular initiative.
The Proposal Staging section of the forum is meant for gathering community feedback on proposal parameters before submitting the proposal on-chain.
After users arrive at a final product for their proposal, it is required that they post it in the Proposal Discussion section before submitting the proposal on-chain. Moderators will ensure the posted proposals adhere to forum and proposal guidelines.