Types of Proposals

Types of proposals for Algofi Governance.

Smart Contract Parameter Updates

  • Lending market risk parameters (e.g. collateral factor)
  • Interest rate model
  • Protocol fee / reserve factor / liquidation incentive
  • Supply / Borrow Cap
  • NanoSwap parameters (e.g. amplification factor)
  • Governance parameters (e.g. voting period, minimum veBANK)
  • BANK Emission parameters before launch of Rewards Manager

Smart Contract Deployments

Smart contract deployments must be possible and achievable within 2-4 weeks as will be discussed in the temperature check by core developers.

New Lending Markets

Governors are encouraged to ensure the following guidelines are met for considering new markets
  • Deep AMM liquidity to support potential liquidations
  • Reliable offchain data source for pricing (CEX)
  • The team/product/code behind the token need to be thoroughly vetted
These guidelines are soft and meant to help guide proposal discussions. They are subject to change and are not binding.

New NanoSwap Pools

Deployments of Treasury

  • Bug bounties
  • Business development opportunities
  • Algofi ecosystem building