Mainnet Contracts

Mainnet contracts for the Algofi Lending V2.

Lending Protocol

Creator Account:
Manager Contract:
App ID:818176933
ALGO Market Contract:
Market App ID:818179346
Bank Asset ID:818179690
USDC Market Contract:
Market App ID:818182048
Bank Asset ID:818182311
Underlying Asset ID:31566704
USDT Market Contract:
Market App ID:818190205
Bank Asset ID:818190568
Underlying Asset ID:312769
goBTC Market Contract:
Market App ID:818183964
Bank Asset ID:818184214
Underlying Asset ID:386192725
goETH Market Contract:
Market App ID:818188286
Bank Asset ID:818188553
Underlying Asset ID:386195940
STBL2 Market Contract:
Market App ID:841145020
Bank Asset ID:841157954
Underlying Asset ID:841126810
Vault Market Contract
Market App ID:879935316
Bank Asset ID:879951266
BANK Market Contract
Market App ID:900883415
Bank Asset ID:900919286

Lending Pool Markets

AF-NANO-BSTBL2-BUSDC Market Contract:
Market App ID:841194726
Bank Asset ID:841462373
Underlying Asset ID:841171328
Pool App ID:841170409
AF-NANO-BSTBL2-BALGO Market Contract:
Market App ID:856183130
Bank Asset ID:856217307
Underlying Asset ID:855717054
Pool App ID:855716333
AF-NANO-BSTBL2-BGOBTC Market Contract:
Market App ID:870271921
Bank Asset ID:870380101
Underlying Asset ID:870151164
Pool App ID:870150391
AF-NANO-BSTBL2-BGOETH Market Contract:
Market App ID:870275741
Bank Asset ID:870391958
Underlying Asset ID:870150187
Pool App ID:870143131


USDC Staking (Lend and Earn)
App ID:821882730
Asset ID:818182311
USDT Staking (Lend and Earn)
App ID:821882927
Asset ID:818190568
AF-NANO-BSTBL2-BALGO LP Staking Contract:
App ID:919964388
Asset ID:855717054
AF-NANO-BSTBL2-BGOBTC Staking Contract:
App ID:919965019
Asset ID:870151164
AF-NANO-BSTBL2-BGOETH Staking Contract:
App ID:919965630
Asset ID:870150187
AF-NANO-BSTBL2-BBANK LP Staking Contract:
App ID:900932886
Asset ID:900924035
AF-NANO-BUSDC-BALGO LP Staking Contract:
App ID:919964086
Asset ID:919950894
AF-NANO-BALGO-BBANK LP Staking Contract:
App ID:962407544
Asset ID:962367827