Coinbase Pay

How to use Coinbase Pay to buy ALGOs into your Algorand account.
Coinbase Pay enables users with Coinbase accounts to buy ALGOs directly into their Algorand accounts. Below we explain how to use the Coinbase Pay integration.
After connecting your wallet to Algofi, click the wallet address dropdown and locate the Coinbase Pay button. Click the Coinbase Pay button. This will open a pop-up so be sure to have popups enabled on your browser for the Algofi site.
Coinbase Pay Button is located within the wallet Dropdown Menu
Login to Coinbase. Select the asset you wish to purchase. Currently, the only Algorand enabled asset Coinbase Pay supports is ALGO. Enter the amount of asset you wish to purchase and click "Preview buy."
Preview buy ALGO through Coinbase Pay
An order preview page will present showing the amount to buy, the dollar price, the total dollar cost, and the destination wallet. The destination wallet address has been prepopulated as the connected Algofi wallet address.
ALGO order preview through Coinbase Pay
Click confirm, after which a confirmation page will present.
Confirmation page through Coinbase Pay
To see more details about the Coinbase Pay transaction, click "Show Details," after which a detail page will present.
Order details page through Coinbase Pay