Supply ALGOs

Supply ALGOs to the Algofi Vault.

Video: Supplying ALGOs to Vault

Walkthrough: Supplying ALGOs to Vault

If you haven't opted into the Algofi Lending Protocol, you'll be presented with an Opt In prompt for the assets and applications.
Opt In Prompt for Algofi Lending Protocol (if account is not yet opted in)
If you haven't opted in to the Algofi protocol, opt in to Assets and Applications by following the prompt.
Then, toggle the "Add" tab on the Vault page and either enter an amount of ALGOs or use the slider to select an amount of ALGOs in your wallet to add to your Algofi Vault.
You will see below your Vault Size increase by the amount of ALGOs you are planning to add. Since your ALGOs are going to be added to your collateral, you will see your Borrow Limit and Borrow Utilization increase. ALGOs have a collateral factor of 75% so adding $100 of ALGOs for example will increase your Borrow Limit by $75. You will also see your Total Vault size increase in the table below.
Add ALGOs to Vault
Next, click Supply then sign and send the transaction. If successful, the following modal will appear:
Added ALGOs to Vault
Now that ALGOs have been added to your Vault account, you have Vaulted ALGOs (vALGOs). Your Vaulted ALGOs can then be committed to Governance.